Friday, June 30, 2006

red diamond Take a Test Drive - Keep the Car! continues its line of competitive advertisements. The marketing project unveiled a new campaign that capitalizes on the market leader's delays with its upcoming release Office 2007.

"Take a Test Drive - Keep the Car!" hints that you can test drive and keep for free. While Microsoft invited potential users for an online test drive of its beta 2 pre-release in which saving and printing is disabled, aims at customers to download the latest release 2.0.3 and install the full version. The catch, upcoming Office 2007 will pinch testers who like in the wallet once it is available. In contrast is free and open source.

In addition, Office 2007 will have many user interface changes which frightens many users because they have to relearn their skills. Another point of critic is that Microsoft does not support the new ISO 26300 office document standard and is still haggling with Adobe over the support of PDF files.


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