Friday, August 04, 2006

red diamond deployment declined in UK higher education

According to a survey by OSS watch, the use of in UK's higher education declined from 2003 to 2006. While an increasing number of institutions has an Open Source Software (OSS) policy, the deployment of declined from 38% to 23% and in further education from 24% to 23% (Table 26 following).

Not the best result OOo and also kind of surprising. However, one should keep in mind that "The survey was completed by more people: in 2003, ... only 6% of UK HE and FE institutions; in 2006, a reply from 18% of institutions was obtained. Whenever possible, comparisons have been made with the results of the 2003 survey. However caution has to be adopted in doing this since the roles and responsibilities of those who answered the 2003 survey are not equivalent."

The overall use of Open Source Software has increased and most ICT managers name total cost of ownership as a main reason. For 73% is the aspect of vendor lock in an important decision criteria.


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