Saturday, November 04, 2006

red diamond All or Nothing with Vista?

I just received a nice message from Intuit about "Decisions ahead on Vista Operating System". It states "Only QuickBooks 2007 will run on the Vista Operating System, as prior versions of QuickBooks were developed on pre-Vista technology and will not run properly on Vista."

That is rather surprising to me for two reasons. Isn't Microsoft the save bet that invests heavily in backward compatibility? Did Microsoft abandon this principle with Vista? The other reason is that using QuickBooks means I get constant updates. This is even true with my version that is a couple of years old now. So if Microsoft usually does preserve backward compatibility and Intuit has the software update process refined. What can be the reason for only a new version running on a new Version of Windows?

As a matter of fact they are serious that you need to upgrade "We know as a practical matter that many of you are supporting clients on previous versions of QuickBooks. For now the bottom line is that a user who upgrades to Vista will need to run QuickBooks 2007."

From where I stand this is a reason to not upgrade to Vista and may be buy my next PC without it all together. I'm also thinking hard about locking myself to Intuit's fine products if they are forcing me to upgrade because I upgrade something else.

Do you find this acceptable?


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